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Associations of Families for Families

Christian, Catholic Individual and Family Retreats

         The Associations of Families for Families is a work of continual assistance, personal, individual and family.  

Our Christian principles are derived from Pope Saint John Paul II's Exhortation, Familiaris Consortio,  ( the Community of Family ).  Our mission identifies its work with the ten principles or guidelines recommended by Pope John Paul II for the fulfillment of individual and families' lives set out in the monastic-style retreats we offer families and individuals.  

         We identify ourselves in the community of a Church alive in Jesus Christ and in the assistance we provide individuals and families desiring a better understanding of themselves, their families and their relationships with God and each other. We are dedicated to the daily practice of the ancient tradition of the Church's Liturgy of the Office of the Hours" and the retreats we offer

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In Christ,

Father Tom Bartolomeo

First Family and Child

"he emptied himself

. . .  coming in human likeness" 

Father's Day

He fathers best

Mother's Day

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Families for Families House and Retreat Center

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