We’re having a garage sale this week, and I’m sure you know what that’s like. It’s time to put a discount dollar figure on priceless items from our families history. I’m not a big “things” person and prefer less clutter, so I actually don’t mind seeing all this stuff being out of the way. There was an odd moment when we were going through everything, as my wife found some old NCR pads from her last job and was a little too attached to them. That’s if you ask me of course. I’m not that big a fan of work, so I can’t imagine having an emotional connection to some random item from a former workplace, let alone an item you’ve let sit in a garage for a few years. There she was doing just that though. I could tell it meant a lot to her, so I let it go.

Getting excited about losing weight only lasts a very short time. Usually when first looking in the mirror at how far you have let yourself go, and then when you imagine your new body on the beach this summer. The problem is all that time in between. Getting motivated each morning gets harder each day, and eventually the details and struggles of the day win out over exercise.

Stopping by the local gym and working with a personal trainer Newcastle is the best investment you will ever make in yourself. This trainer will eventually become your friend, calling you each day to make certain you exercise and push you in a friendly way to keep up with your commitment to yourself. This little nudge each day is all that it takes to get you from caving into excuses everyday and finding the time to improve your health and improve your body.

We were finally financial stable enough to buy our own home, but the search took forever! After months of looking at classifieds and searching online, we finally found the home we liked. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom – and the bathroom was nearly a deal breaker for us. As far as Bolton bathrooms go, this one is pretty small and inefficient. There is an older bath tub with a shower, and a toilet, but the design is all wrong. My husband and I want to do a remodel, but we have yet to find someone local who remodels rooms in smaller homes. The biggest problem is that the single sink is very old fashioned, and is surrounded by a too large pink counter top. Without the counter top we would have much more room in there to breathe and move things around. A bathroom renovation is definitely in our future.